Adobe Audition CS6 Review

Adobe Audition CS6There was a time when the biggest consideration to set up a voice over studio revolved around just the microphone. Although microphones are still important, software has turned to be a bigger necessity and it is worth investing in the latest voice over software like Adobe Audition CS6.It was introduced as an improvement to Adobe 5.5.

Prior to that Adobe only offered Soundbooth. This was less powerful audio editor. Audition CS6 has support for controls surfaces, Redbook CD burring and clip grouping which are features that Audition CS5.5 did not support. Latest version requires you to have a multicore Intel processor.  If you engage in voice over services you may acquire a full version will cost you £333 but you may upgrade from Audition 5.5 for £71.

Features of Adobe Audition CS6

Adobe Audition CS6 review shows that it has new feature therefore is not just an updated retread. Audition CS6 includes a media browser. This is a pane that is used for navigation to audio and video assets on the drive. It helps to locate assets such as audio bumpers or music used for different projects. Its most useful feature is ability to save assets as the shortcuts.

Skip selection feature is useful for users to select audio they intend to cut. Before making the cut, users can ask for audition to skip over selection on playback letting them to preview their edit.

Automatic speech alignment is an interesting feature. It is used to replace existing dialog in video clip with different recording of same dialog. An example is a take recorded in studio as opposed to outdoors. This feature helps users to select original and replacement clips. Users can choose original as reference clip and align clips.

Adobe Audition CS6 reviews show that Adobe insists that this feature also performs finer frequency analysis. Adobe Audition CS6 has 5 separate clipboards that make it easier to manage the copied content. This makes it compatible with various digital audio workstation applications enabling it to operate with radio automation systems.

Automatic and manual pitch correction enables users to tweak inaccurate notes in musical performance.

Who Uses Adobe Audition CS6

Adobe Audition CS6 is used by individuals who offer voiceover services to record and edit audio or video.  It can also be used to create music tracks and multiple tracks. Adobe Audition CS6 enhanced multitrack editing helps users to save time as it lets them to craft any multitrack project quickly, apply edits and organize audio in projects easier.