Review of Voice Over Service AmazingVoice.Com Overview

A number of reviews of and similar services reveal the standards fairly quickly. There are a number of elements that remain standard – the site needs to have visual appeal, be easy to navigate, and instil a sense of trust and overall quality. has all of these elements in abundance. It is visually appealing, with a patriotic combination of red, white and blue that is nicely balanced by the copy. The site is easy to navigate, and the addition of multiple testimonial statements immediately puts you at ease. But the small things make the difference, and it is the addition of live chat for support is class. IN general, conducting a review of is a pleasure, and this is a site that sets the bar for other services. It is focussed, trustworthy, genuine, direct, and efficient. has it right, that’s for sure.

Who Uses

The first important difference between and other language and recording services that you come across is that it is focussed solely on recording. This means that you would only consult them if you needed voiceovers or recordings done for business purposes, like presentations, professional voicemails, or television and radio contributions. You can even record an interactive voice system if you operate a voice centre. is ideal for business use, but is probably a little bit too advanced for private use. Strongest Sides

As mentioned above, there are a number of reasons why conducting a review of is such a pleasure. In terms of visuals, the colouring, imagery, and copy is all spot on – copy is simple, accurate, and well-written, which is not a given for any website. The next stunning feature is the testimonials, which are incorporated on the home page to instil a sense of trust, as well as on a separate navigation tab. Building up a reputation of trust is paramount to a successful relationship, and achieves this with ease.  Add to this the support system, which is bolstered by the online chat feature, and it is easy to see why is rated so highly during various reviews of voice over services. Drawbacks

If one is looking for faults, then it could be argued that the images at the top of the page are a bit random, and that the omission of a search bar is regrettable, although that is a marketing ploy.