Cubase 7 Review

Cubase 7Cubase is one of the favorite software for music production for more than 10 years. This is due to its high speed sound processing and rock solid reliability with focus on traditional music production disciplines. These disciplines are live performances, mixing and editing which are similar to those accommodated by voice over software.

Whereas most consumer packages attempt to make music production accessible to casual users, Cubase 7 is more focused to provide precise and comprehensive controls for the experienced users. This is the kind of software package that users need to put their time and effort to master rather than dip into once in a while.

Unlike most services that are used for voice over services, it is easy to install Cubase 7 and similar to previous releases. You can install Cubase 7 without disrupting the earlier 6.5 installation. The installer now downloads latest Cubase build from web during the installation therefore you need to ensure that your computer has net connection. You may also download the Cubase Installer from a different computer and then run it after main installer is finished.

Features of Cubase 7

Steinberg Cubase 7 has revamped mixer that is packed with loads of powerful features. As for these new updates and features, mixer, and pop-up channel editor is overhauled with other processing modules, completely new cosmetic appearance and clever time saving tricks. Cubase 7 review shows that these timesavers include an ability to perform text search for channels, copy/paste settings, save and recall views in mixer among others. The aim is to make menu commands and multiple windows less important and transferring most control to mixer.

Cubase 7 lets users to add chord progressions labels to timeline. Cubase 7 new effects are gate, transient, compressor, limiter and saturation.  These effects are conveniently built into each mixer channel rather than being accessed through separate effects unit or module. The direct integration of controls into channel editor or mixer saves time and enables users to have an overview of complex mixes.

EQ section now has a spectrum analyzer that shows what EQ is doing to audio. According to Cubase 7 reviews other outstanding features are music notation, chord generator, warp quantizing, chord generator, user community and multi-track editing.

Who Uses Cubase 7

Cubase 7 is versatile software therefore it can be used for many purposes including recording and editing work for voiceover services. Cubase 7 has features required by voice over artists, composers, musicians, engineers and producers.