emvoices.com.au Review

Review of voice over service Emvoices.com.au

www.emvoices.com.au Overview

Sometimes, when conducting reviews of www.emvoices.com.au and sites and services similar to it, one just gets the feeling that there is an x factor of sorts on offer. It is possible to try and analyse exactly what it is that makes these sites great, but at the end of the day, what you are really looking for is that spark that cannot be quantified, and when you review www.emvoices.com.au, you are struck by the feeling that this is a site and service that is most definitely worthy of your attention. Fighting out of Melbourne and Sydney, Australia, www.emvoices.com.au is a website that catalogues voice over artists for commercial purposes. These can be anything from voiceover to presentation voices. The whole atmosphere of the site is quite laid back, but there is definitely quality to be had here. The home page is visually striking, with a really cool logo and colour scheme, and the blog-style set up, which can fail miserably when poorly executed, really works by creating a sense of family. However, if you follow the link directly you get very little real information about the services on offer – it would be nice to have more informative copy on display. The search bar is a great touch as you can track down exact what kind of voice you are looking for using age, sex, language and location features. In general, this is a really top quality site, and the agent type service on offer is very appealing.

Who Uses emvoices.com.au?

The review of emvoices.com.au clearly shows that it is designed by business owners and actual artists who want to grow in the community and make connections. It is important to note that you cannot ask them to record you if you are interested in becoming an artist unless you have sensational talent. www.emvoices.com.au is run as a talent agency for actors and artists.

emvoices.com.au Strongest Sides

All that can be said is that conducting a review of voice over services offered at www.emvoices.com.au is an absolute pleasure. The layout is impressive, functionality and navigation are both top drawer, and the balance is superb. The relaxed, family approach, search bar and attitude make an incredibly attractive package.

www.emvoices.com.au Drawbacks

The only real problem with www.emvoices.com.au is that the artists are primarily based in Australia, so you may have issues getting them to travel, and that the homepage tells you nothing about the services offered.