GoldWave Review

GoldWave ReviewGoldWave is one of the top rated digital audio software which can be used professionally.  You may use GoldWave as a voice over software as it is fully loaded to do everything from simple recording or editing to sophisticated audio processing, enhancements, restoration and conversions. The advantage of GoldWave is that it is simple to learn and use.  It has creative graphics and simple interface.

Features of GoldWave

An audio editor can only be effective if it helps users to easily find its tools. GoldWave digital is an audio editor that makes it easy to access its features.  The simple access to tools makes it a good choice for voice over services as it can be used even by people with minimal experience.

GoldWave has some great tools. It can edit files of up to 4GB and offers real-time audio and visual previews. This application processes edits instantly and allows discarding cue points when splitting a file. GoldWave even has a speech converter tool.

GoldWave review points out that it is also easy to personalize software. You may associate your keystroke combinations with functions of the application then rearrange colors and toolbars until screen turns perfect to specific needs.  GoldWave makes it easy to process edits quickly. Users have access to preview option that allows them to check their work before progressing. Things are more efficient due to a mouse scroll zoom and right click edits.

GoldWave has over 20 preset effects including voice/vocal reduction, cross-fading and compressor/expander. A time warp function alters the file playback speed hence you may mix audio files recorded at very different tempos. It is also great audio editing software for the restoration projects.  This is a good function for voiceover services providers as it includes pop/click, smoother FFT filters and noise reduction. GoldWave is compatible with wide variety of formats. This includes different WAV formats, MP3, MP4, FLAC, WMA (Windows Media) and AIFF (Apple Compatible).

Who Uses GoldWave

GoldWave reviews show that it is essential to those who engage in audio editing even if the audio is part of video.  You may also use GoldWave for batch processing, mixing, information editing and channel mixing. The advantage of GoldWave is that it can record from streaming audio CDs, video files, MIDI files and sound cards which is one of the greatest features to have. The features on GoldWave make it possible and easy to fix or enhance tracks then easily return them to the original form.