Review of voice over service Overview

While the URL sounds incredibly professional, is actually a site that glorifies the talent of one individual. The layout is good, with attractive copy and a positive overall feel. But a website is a facade, the way in which a company chooses to package their product for the global digital market. represents great packaging of a bizarre product. When you consider that you can get hundreds of different kinds of voices at competitor sites, then why would you willingly restrict yourself to one option? A review of seems a fruitless exercise, because one can review the website itself. However, in terms of objectivity, we will consider the site itself, and not only the fact that it has no chance of winning out against more broad spectrum voiceover services.

Who Uses is a service that is offered at personal users or business owners alike. If you feel that your voice is inadequate for a presentation or similar event, then you can contact to get it done by a trained professional. The service is also extended to businesses who require media voiceovers, professional voicemail messages, interactive phone systems, and the like. Strongest Sides

The biggest advantage that has over its competitors is the actual website. It is easy to navigate, busy and engaging, and features some really promising testimonials about the vocal prowess of Rory O’Shea. The direct links to social media sites is also a nifty feature, which adds a sense of connectedness that is refreshing.

Imedge Drawbacks

A highly critical review of will reveal sparse copy, and a slight lack of “polish” when it comes to small finishing touches to the actual web design. However, the main shortcoming of is that there is only one artist, which means delays, similarity, and limit choice.