Review of Voice Over Service InterVoices.Com Overview

It is often a pleasure to conduct a review of when a service offers variety of additional services apart from voice overs making: here you will find quality translation and interpreting services too.  All in all, a review of reveals a promising company with great potential.

Who Chooses

At first it is quite difficult to ascertain which market the owners of are trying to supply to.  They market themselves as both a personal and business voice over and translation service, although to be fair it is far more likely that businesses will benefit from using this site. Strongest Sides

As mentioned above, there are a number of reasons why is a very useful site. Visually it is nothing short of striking. The combination of minimalist layout with an attractive woman is obviously likely to attract people. The copy is very sparse but informative, and navigation is relatively simple. Also, as this is a language website, the option to change the language of the site is a positive touch that will encourage global interaction Drawbacks

Some information is set to Portuguese by default, which excludes people who are not fluent in the language. As mentioned above, it is these small errors that may let the whole site down.