Sound Forge 10 Review

Sound Forge 10 ReviewSound Forge 10 like most voice over software is used for sound recording and editing purposes. Sound Forge 10 supports 32 channel recording. The recording can be done directly. Users can record as long as there is storage space to avoid running to format specific limitations by attempting to save recording.

For example .wav files should not exceed 4 GB. Users might need to save long recording to more than a single file depending on the desired output format.  Editing is an essential part of voice over services. To edit audio in Sound Forge Pro 10 you will first make selection over audio that you intend to edit. You will then use common functions namely cut/copy/paste/delete or apply the sound altering effects and processes.

Features of Sound Forge 10

Sound Forge 10 review shows that one of the useful features is the automatic recording methods. This means recording does not start until you are ready to play. Threshold recording method enables users to start recording only after incoming audio reaches the specified volume. An advanced tab helps users to select Prerecord buffer checkbox and specify the amount of time they want in the buffer. This is to prevent missing something important that may have been quieter that set threshold.

You can use Sound Forge 10 to eliminate background noise that may permeate some recordings. Sound Forge 10 reviews show that you may use noise reduction plug-in to eliminate constant background noise like tape hiss from audio file. Users may use a combination of other plug-ins (such as noise gate or EQ.) to make attempts to eliminate noises.

During recording you can normalize audio by highlighting the portion you would like to adjust before choosing process/normalize. You may adjust decibel toggle to level that suits the project or use graphic dynamics (compression) for controlling highest peaks in life.

Sound Forge is also used to edit audio portion of video file.  This function can be used to manipulate audio portion so that it syncs effectively with video portion of file.

You can use Spectrum analysis to view specific section of audio as it gives important information on the corrections to be made using other tools in sound forge Pro 10.

Who Uses Sound Forge 10

Sound Forge 10 is an essential tool for those who would engage in different forms of voice recording and editing. This includes those who are involved in voiceover services. Sound Forge is also used for audio mixing and mastering.