Soundtrack Pro Review

Soundtrack ProSoundtrack Pro is a shining audio editor that may come in handy as voice over software. It functions as single waveform editor to fine tune adjustments to stereo files. It is also used as multi-track editor for creating surround sound projects or mix files. Soundtrack Pro may lack MIDI capabilities and virtual instruments that are found in music programs but it has majority of logic Pro effects power to an interface that is easy to use. This makes it possible to get work done at faster rate.

Providers of voice over services need to work with familiar software that is compatible with other applications. Soundtrack Pro stylish tabbed interface is familiar when you use any other final cut studio applications more so motion 2.

Soundtrack Pro interface is appealing even for those who are new to Final Cut studio. You can easily find almost everything you want in Soundtrack Pro at a glance unlike with most waveform editing programs that have jumbled collections of archaic icons and disorganized menus.  All the changes that you make to multi-track or waveform is non destructive hence you may change your mind then make adjustments later on without relying on Undo command. Soundtrack Pro  keeps track of action via Actions list whether it is  adding effects, correcting noise reduction problems  or fading in or out.

Features of Soundtrack Pro

Voice Level Match

Dialog levels can be mismatched when recording conversation. Soundtrack Pro review reveals that  you can use its Lift and Stamp tool to lift(copy) audio level of one person then stamp(paste)it to other tracks and they will match automatically.

Advanced Time Stretch & Multi-Track Editing

During video editing, it is a common need to stretch the audio so as to fit the clip or even vice versa. Soundtrack Pro offers 3 different advanced algorithms to compress audio or time stretch without shifting pitch and still give precise feedback about what goes on.

Improved File Editor

File editor in this particular version lets users to drag and drop to delete, add or reorder channels.  In Frequency view, a user can option drag to visually select and modify the selected audio frequencies just as desired. This is not just selection that is based on time or duration of audio. It is sort of audio Photoshop.

Who Uses Soundtrack Pro

Soundtrack Pro reviews show that it has relevant features that serve the needs of audio editors, video editors, musicians and multimedia professionals. It is an easy and quick way to perform daily audio editing chores,   design sound, repair sound problems, automate sound asset or match audio to video on a PC or Mac.