voiceover.com Review

Review of Voice Over Service VoiceOver.Com

Voiceover.com Overview

When one conducts a number of reviews of voiceover and recording companies, it is inevitable that you are going to come across websites that started offering their voice over services only some moths ago and big companies that have been operating in this business for more than one decade.¬†www.voiceover.com is one of those voice over services that can be considered as the oldest one, hence plain design of their website shouldn’t become a wonder. Various reviews of voiceover.com mentioned professionalism of Voice Over actors and exceptional experience in recording voice overs that they gained through the years.

Who Uses www.voiceover.com?

www.voiceover.com is aimed at businesses, and offers quite a wide array of services that are designed to bolster your marketing strategies. They offer voiceovers for presentations, professional voicemails, voices for television and so on. Also, they do have talent on their roster, which means that you can consult www.voiceover.com if you are looking for an artist. These artists also do accents and some do perform in languages other than English, which is useful if you have global aspirations.

voiceover.com Strongest Sides

As mentioned above, having a pool of talent for people looking for voice artists is very useful, as it changes www.voiceover.com into a more through the line service. Many companies do not have voice talent of their own on hand, and if you are looking for a specific feel or accent, then www.voiceover.com may be of use. Also, alternate language speakers (that is, artists who speak languages other than English) give one more choices to broaden the use of your recordings, although it is unclear whether this is a translation service or if you need to provide copy of your own.

www.voiceover.com Drawbacks

It is 2012 right now, but www.voiceover.com proudly announce the fact that they have been in business for 16 years, when basic maths would make this statement valid for 2010, and this is representative of voiceover.com.