voiceoverinfo.com Review

Review of voice over service VoiceOverInfo.com

www.voiceoverinfo.com Overview

Most people assume that voiceover services are limited to the recording and production of voice work for advertising, presentations, interactive messaging systems and the like, but there are some services that have made their name by working on related fields, such as communities of voice artists. In the case www.voiceoverinfo.com, the approach has been to work on growing the talents of aspiring voiceover artists so that they can learn the ins and outs of the industry, improve their skills, record a demo, and generally make a name for themselves. A review of voiceoverinfo.com shows that it is functional, informative, and affordable, and the addition of testimonials, which is a standard in many industries but is sadly lacking in the voiceover industry, is a pleasant surprise that makes it a lot easier to trust the services on offer.

Who Uses voiceoverinfo.com?

www.voiceoverinfo.com is specifically aimed at people who are interested in the world of voiceovers, but are not quite sure about how to break in to the industry. As a result, it is evident when you review www.voiceoverinfo.com that people with hope and no real experience or qualifications frequent the site – you would not expect an expert to make use of the services here at www.voiceoverinfo.com.

voiceoverinfo.com  Strongest Sides

The reason why Voiceoverinfo is worthy of your attention is that it is unique. The opportunity to learn the tricks of the trade, and come out with a demo that you can send to prospective employers, is an awesome experience. The site itself is simplistic and easy to understand too and offers a soft introduction into what can be a highly competitive industry.

www.voiceoverinfo.com Drawbacks

While this review of www.voiceoverinfo.com is mostly positive, the site itself is by no means perfect. It feels a little bit fragmented, with little cohesion between the multiple information boxes and bites.