voices.com Review

Review of Voice Over Service Voices.Com

www.voices.com Overview

In terms of voice recording and translation services, www.voices.com really stands out because it is a unique fusion of social media and business. The whole concept is that you can post your samples and profiles in order to find work as a voice over artist, or scout for talent if you are looking for a voice talent. If you are familiar with a site like www.freelanced.com then you will know how effective this kind of business social platform community can be. You have the chance to find work, and to build up a network of like-minded individuals, which will invariably benefit you in the long run. The client list of voices.com is very impressive, and includes some leading American companies, and the testimonials bolster the overall feeling of efficacy, power, and ironically, a less intense and bland, intimidating big business approach. The whole combination is quite interesting and intoxicating really, and conducting a review of voices.com is a pleasurable task indeed.

Who uses www.voices.com?

The short answer to the question about who uses www.voices.com is everyone. There are profiles for people with massive experience, and impressive portfolios. Simultaneously you can find younger, aspiring voice artists who are looking for their big break. But the application goes both ways, and there are a few impressive companies that testify to the fact that they use the talent that can be found at www.voices.com. The New York Times, ABC, and various other giants of the media and marketing world fish for the next big thing.

www.voices.com Strongest Sides

The biggest advantage revealed by a review of www.voices.com is the whole feel of the service. It is quite difficult to quantify that intangible feeling one gets when everything just works. Perhaps it is the cartoon style feel that the animations and colours create, or the ease of navigation. The copy is laid back, but effective and highly convincing. The chance to sample voice talent right on the home page also indicates that they are confident about what is on offer. It is a potent set up, which is bolstered by real epic testimonials. It is the complete package.

www.voices.com Drawbacks

Reviews of www.voices.com and similar sites are often highly critical, but in the case of www.voices.com, it is really difficult to find fault. Signing up for free to a community gets you out there, and the only problem with www.voices.com is competition.