voxominous.com Review

Review of voice over service Voxominous.com

www.voxominous.com Overview

When writing a review of voxominous.com, the first thing that should be mentioned is the fresh look of the website. Compared to big voiceover companies that have large numbers of diverse artists for you to choose from, here you can order a voice over created only by one actor. This review of voxominous.com will attempt to judge the site less than the service, so that you as a prospective client can get a more accurate feel about what to expect.

Who uses www.voxominous.com?

The video testimonials show that a broad array of businesses make use of the services on offer at www.voxominous.com. From bigger business to more personal tasks, the fact is that voxominous is a freelance type business, and can theoretically be used by anyone, although if you run a marketing company with major requirements and deadlines, then this isn’t the service for you.

voxominous.com Strongest Sides

The laidback, almost colloquial style of www.voxominous.com makes it stand out in that it is less pompous than similar voiceover sites. The colours are effective, and the blog style approach is a pleasant change.

Voxominous Drawbacks

Would be great to add more information about the owner and offered services.